Dear Connor | The day the young ones took charge

History will remember the march as the coming-to-power of Xers and Millennials. Though there were aging baby boomers aplenty in the crowd and at the microphones, the marches around the world saw these elders step aside to open the way for younger women.

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Dear Connor: Breaking the loop of endless despair

The 2016 presidential election will, on hindsight, be recognized as the precursor to the catalyst that ignites the transformation of America from fragmented, angry and disillusioned into cohesive, collaborative and powerful. America will move away from six decades of tearing down to four decades of building up and then we’ll start the process over.

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Dear Connor: There’s no shaking off the coal dust

We will draw the line at the hard-core wingnuts at the fringes. I’m not inviting willful haters to my table. They’re not welcome. Period. We need to do whatever we have to to keep the haters corralled. And we must recognize there’s such a thing as hate born of unknowing.

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Dear Connor: Hang on; the mess is almost over

Every 80-85 years, we enter this final generational shift that culminates in what can only be understood as a conflagration that burns off the accumulated mess and re-positions us for growth.

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LGC Says

Editor and Proprietor Linda Grist Cunningham continues her four decades of reporting and writing in her Key West blog. Her columns explore local and national news and the political and governmental issues and decisions most likely to affect our property investments and future of the Florida Keys.

Save middle class: Time to raise taxes

Assuming the headline got your attention, stick with me for a minute. I haven't totally lost my mind. Public employees are the last fragments of the United States' once robust middle class. If their jobs disappear, we can kiss our community farewell. That "tipping...

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Let’s not fool around with Irene. Not s

Let's not fool around with Irene. Not sure folks north of OBX are taking seriously what's eying their homes. Too bad Jim Cantore and his wannabes have sensationally "cried wolf" so often no one pays attention. This is one scary, scary forecast.

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Winding down beta testing

This is the final week for this beta version of Key West Watch. For the next few months, I'm going behind the scene, so to speak, to build the integrated architecture that will support the company. While the WordPress platform and various social media programs can do...

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List done. Check. Weekend begins. Check

Consulting project (the paid kind) invoiced. Check. (Thanks, QuickBooks). Grant application submitted. Check. Refi paperwork done. Check. Key West Watch photo gallery figured out. Check. Sun going down. Check. Sunset at Mallory Square? I think not.

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Key West as Locals See It

Key West as Locals See It, a set on Flickr. Key West is a beautiful place for locals and for tourists. But locals see their hometown slightly differently than the tourists who stop in for a day or two. For locals, it's an empty Mallory Square. It's washing windows,...

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Dear Connor

“Dear Connor” is a collection of occasional blog posts written for Connor Cunningham by his grandmother, Linda Grist Cunningham. She began writing these as her construct for making sense of the unraveling American community. Connor may never read them, nor might others; but they’ll help her distill solutions from the cacophony that passes for discourse as America enters its crisis turning.

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