Project Management

We help you overcome the challenges that take time from your business

Project Management

Small businesses face significant challenges when confronted with one-time, transformative projects. They rarely have the staff or resources to complete the project internally. KeyWestWatch Media tackles short-term projects, ranging from staff training to the full research, development, oversight, integration and follow-up involved in launching a new business, product, branding campaign or relocation.

We coordinate vendors and contractors, develop internal and external communications and assist with staff training. We will assess your business operations and map a plan for improving workflow, systems and customer service. We can take over the headaches of relocating your business — from arranging for the movers to re-establishing your computer networks and phone systems. And, if you need someone to answer the phones or water the plants when you’re on vacation, we’ll help make that happen, too.

We ensure a smooth, timely, efficient project – while you tend to business.

Project Management Pricing

We may offer our clients discounts from our posted rates for ongoing, multi-layered projects with a minimum three-month contract. Please contact us for custom pricing.

Initial consultation | Consultation with client to analyze needs, develop project plan, write specifications. Will be applied against first invoice if contract awarded. $500 Flat Rate
Ongoing project management | Includes ongoing client consultation, training, analysis of project effectiveness, project updates in person, in writing, by telephone or electronically. $120 per hour for major projects. $25 per hour for routine office administration services — or watering the plants.

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