Strategic Marketing

Strategies for online, print and social media marketing to help improve visibility and foster customer relationships.

Strategic marketing for small business

Today’s marketing environment demands nimble, multi-platform advertising, leave-behind collateral and an understanding of social media and digital advertising. KeyWestWatch Media works with business owners to develop online and in-print marketing strategies, including social media, to help improve visibility and foster customer relationships.

We start by researching and defining the client’s target audience, both existing and potential. We determine market competition and establish the client’s unique position within the market. Working together, we develop and implement comprehensive and adaptable marketing campaigns that support the client’s changing goals.

We believe in the power of integrated platforms — print, digital, events and marketing collateral. We believe our clients and their businesses succeed when they combine a strong product, exceptional customer service and consistent advertising and marketing of their products and their brands. Investing in consistent, ongoing branding is the foundation for business growth.

Marketing Plans and Pricing

We may offer our clients discounts from our posted rates for ongoing, multi-layered projects with a minimum three-month contract. Please contact us for custom pricing.

Google AdWords campaign | Develop and implement goal-specific AdWords campaign, analyze results and adjust as needed. Does not include cost of AdWords. $120 per hour
Facebook campaign | Develop and implement goal-specific Facebook campaign, analyze results and adjust as needed. Does not include cost of Facebook ads. $120 per hour
Other social media | We will create online ad campaigns across other platforms, such as LinkedIn or local outlets, at the client’s request. $120 per hour
Print advertising | Working with the client and appropriate print publications, we define the audience and create high-quality print ads to support the client’s goals. We work with print vendors to place the advertising and meet publication specifications. This does not include the cost of the print advertising schedules. $120 per hour
Marketing collateral | Letterheads, business cards, brochures and other “leave behinds” are important branding tools for small businesses. We will use the client’s existing logos and artwork to design marketing collateral, or contract with third-party vendors to create new logos. Third party vendors and related printing costs are not included. $120 per hour

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